Origins Of Entropy


Origins Of Entropy is committed to becoming more inclusive and accessible so that a wider range of people can indulge in the immersive arts world that is being created. 

Additional steps that we are taking includes the following:

  • Accessible Tickets – These tickets are priced at 50% of the current round of General Admission Tickets. These are available for individuals with a disability who hold a valid pension card. 
  • Free entry is provided to peers who accompany Accessible Ticket holders who hold a valid Companion Card. 
  • Youth Tickets – Individuals aged 14 – 17 are eligible for youth tickets. These tickets are priced at 50% of the current round of General Admission Tickets. 
  • Please refer to our Ticket FAQ for more information on Accessible | Youth | Companion Card Tickets
  • Various campsites will be made available, including a quiet camp area for those who prefer a more restful sleep and Accessible bathrooms will be available in selected areas of the event. 
  • The event features spacious, well lit and reasonably flat pathways between the camping area and all other areas of the event. Please keep in mind, that although efforts will be taken to make the event site more accessible, it is an outdoors space and not all obstacles can be removed or overcome. 
  • A range of people to help all attendees will be available. This includes event staff, volunteers, security personnel and medical staff. The staff are trained to look out for people who are in need of help and key areas to find help, such as the event HQ, information, Crowd Care and Medical facilities will be well lit and feature large signage. 
  • If you are an individual with a disability and would like to participate to Origins Of Entropy we encourage you to contact us about your access needs using the Contact Form. 

More Information Coming Soon!

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