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At Origins of Entropy we are trying our dang hardest to be more conscious of our environmental impact and strongly promote in between our punters and our collaborators a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach, but we also work at the best of our capabilities with upcycled materials and always look for the best ways to effectively carry out our leave no trace policy.
As part of the efforts in implementing the measures to reduce the impact of our festival, this year we are collecting donations on behalf of Greening Australia, a well established non-for-profit organisation that works on major programs to restore and preserve the natural environment in significant areas across Australia. 

We chose a fully transparent and local organisation; 100% of these donations will be redirected to Greening Australia and fund high-quality environmental programs and carbon offset projects on Australian territory.


To find out more about their awesome projects visit


We understand that carbon offsetting does not provide an answer, but we also think that carbon offsetting initiatives are an immediate and cost-effective way to take responsibility for our own environmental impact, so we kindly invite friends, punters and followers to help us reduce the carbon footprint of Origins of Entropy 2019.

To donate, all you have to do is select the donate option before completing your purchase of a ticket in the ticket portal.

Be part of the solution!

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