Origins Of Entropy

Theme Camps / Decor

Theme Camps / Decor

Themed camps create an interactive, communal, entertaining visual atmosphere that provides exciting, hands-on spaces, activities, and affairs for everyone to enjoy. These camps are designed by you and your friends.

We want your unique self-expression to be shared at Origins Of Entropy. Help create these immersive realms in which others can discover and entangle themselves. Combine efforts with other theme camps and experience a cooperative labour of love amongst the most fun and creative individuals.

Show us what you got and submit your interest by applying below!

The OOE decor team loves including new talented individuals and teams to expand on our already growing and evolving landscape of decorative design. We are looking for dedicated decor artists to contribute their creative talent and ideas to help make Origins Of Entropy an immersive playground. 

If designing isn’t your vibe, then how about joining our volunteers and helping with installations? 

Decor plays an important role and If getting a hands-on experience is what you’re looking for, or if you have a fantabulous idea that you think would blow our minds, don’t hesitate to apply!