Origins Of Entropy

Discover More

Discover More

Discover More

Origins Of Entropy is an ever-evolving stream of consciousness captured in reality and each year the physical manifestation of this gathering is created with many variations.  ———-  In short, you will also discover something new!

More to explore at Origins Of Entropy

  • Cinema:
    As night falls and the sunlight fades, the stars are revealed and one of our Zen Dens transforms itself into a cosy little cinema space. We invite everyone to come and get squishy and experience the fun auditory and visual sensorial moments we have planned for you.

    Are you a filmmaker or have a suggestion for some epic content that you would love to see at Origins Of Entropy? Then please get in contact with us via the ‘Contact Form’

  • Textopia
    Written information is one of, if not the most important developments of humankind. 
    A space will be hosted where you can bring and donate your now unneeded texts. Deposit and provide an opportunity for these books to go to a new home where the knowledge can be shared and cherished. Additionally, we will be hosting book club meetings so you can all discuss and share perspectives on your favourite books.

  • Freecycle exchange
    Unwanted and unloved. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. Help shed our society of this consumerist wastage culture and help your unwanted goods find a new home. Is there something that intrigues you and you wouldn’t mind incorporating into your life? Make a swap and add to the shared cycle of gifting.

  • The collective consciousness
    Have an idea that you would like to share with the collective consciousness or would like to leave a note of inspiration for others? Drop a note here and we will share it with everyone.

  • Spaghetti Legs Fun House: 
    Spaghetti Legs likes it strange. Venture into his space and see what awaits.

  • Pasta Boys house of Snacks
    Feeding time is here. Drop by and enjoy a bite to eat. What is it you ask? There is only one way to find out. Rock up and see what the house has to offer. Feeding is free and complimentary. Please check in with the event guide for feeding times.
    (All snacks are plant-based, dairy-free and animal-free)

  • Zen Dens:
    Tranquility pods All around Origins Of Entropy you will find spaces to take a moment and have a breather or just sit back and let it all be. Each space will be set up to encourage enjoyable downtime because we want your moments of relaxation to be as awesome as your times on the dancefloor.

And plenty more!
We are always thinking of new weird and adventurous instalments to make this gathering something just a little bit different.