Origins Of Entropy


Motivated by an understanding of our interconnectedness and a desire to create positive change. We are no longer passively accepting the world as it is; instead, we are actively shaping it into the world we want it to be. We are doing our part, taking progressive steps in evolving the societal collective for positive change and helping contribute to the regeneration of our lands.

Everything we do has a cause and effect, and, like all human action, Origins Of Entropy must be accountable for our impact.

That’s why our environmental program involves the following:

  • Reducing single-use items

  • More compost toilets

  • Reducing waste from food stalls and markets

  • Providing a more significant percentage of vegan and vegetarian food options.

  • Encouraging social and eco-development through open forums and workshops

  • Actioning a developed waste and recycling program

  • All guests receive rubbish bags and information regarding land care and waste reduction

  • Waste reduction and land care campaigns delivered pre-event

  • Working towards developing a reforestation program

  • Shuttle Services to reduce vehicles travelling to and from the event

  • Ride Share initiatives

  • Supporting regional economy by supporting local businesses

  • Reusing materials from previous events and resourcing unused materials from worksites

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