Origins Of Entropy

Music / Arts / Performance

Music / Arts / performance

One of the core aspects of Origins Of Entropy is the music: with a focus on alternative and psychedelic in its broadest form and our lineups are designed to reflect the philosophy of the event: exploration, the unconventional and a unifying force that brings people together. Please submit your interest here if you would like to contribute to the unique musical landscape of Origins Of Entropy.

Hey there, you beautiful, unique beings! The art world is constantly changing and evolving, and we want to ensure our gallery reflects that. We’re on the lookout for captivating, quirky, alluring artists across a broad spectrum of mediums who wish to share their creations with our community. If you think you would fit in at Origins Of Entropy’s Twisted Mirrors Art Gallery, please apply and share a part of your universe with us!

Origins Of Entropy is always on the lookout for the most creative, uncanny or downright fun acts. We’re looking for new and exciting talent to feature in our performance spaces: Dancers, elaborate theatrical displays, themed camps, roving entertainers, Circus performers, flow acts, fire spinners and every weird and whacky thing in between. If you have a uniquely peculiar or enthralling talent that you want to share with your peers, then submit your interest below and become a part of what makes Origins Of Entropy an unforgettable experience!